Couple Therapy

The relationship of a couple changes over time; it experiences periods of transition and masters various challenges of living together. Different desires and the needs of individuals may cause tensions, which burden the relationship. Repetitive patterns of communication frequently lead to conflicts that become more and more acute and are reinforced by mutual blame and offense. Positions harden and a solution seems increasingly unlikely over a longer time period – the couple finds itself at an impasse.

Couple therapy offers couples with the opportunity to become aware of these crisis-prone behaviours and communication patterns and to resolve any resulting misunderstandings and offenses. The psychotherapist takes a neutral position and supports the couple to find new ways in order to relive a relationship that is fulfilling for both. Sometimes couple therapy is also about finding out if it makes sense to stay together.



Common topics in couple therapy are:
  • Communication difficulties within the relationship
  • Quarrels, conflicts, relationship crisis
  • Need for affectionateness
  • Difficulties with intimacy
  • Fear of loss
  • Separation/divorce
  • Desire to have children
  • Parenting issues
  • Finding more mutual interest and common plans for the future
  • Finding ways to experience more togetherness in hectic everyday life
  • Different needs for freedom or closeness in relationship
  • Coping with changes in life as a couple (e.g. career change, relocation, birth of a child, children moving out, retirement)