Family Therapy

Families are complex social systems that shape our social image in different constellations – whether “classic” as parents with shared children, as a patchwork family, as a single parent family, as same-sex partner families or as families with separated family members.

Arguments and conflicts are part of family life and are an expression of liveliness and development. However, families may get into trouble, perhaps through personal events, blows of fate or outside influences. There may be conflicting behaviours that severely burden and affect individual family members or even the entire family, making it increasingly difficult to communicate and live with each other.

Family Therapy opens up the opportunity to give room to the views and needs of individuals, by involving family or part of the family and thus making it easier to understand and resolve individual family members’ issues. It aims at strengthening mutual understanding and using resources of each family member to find new ways of communicating and maintaining the family’s balance.


Family Therapy can be helpful with the following topics:
  • Frequent quarrels or conflicts within the family, which leads to difficulties in communication
  • Difficulties for children at school (e.g. due to partial performance disorder, bullying, adolescent crisis, examination anxiety)
  • Aggression and violence within the family
  • Physical or mental illness of a family member (e.g. chronic diseases, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosomatic disorders, addictions)
  • Life crises, such as death or serious life events (e.g. disasters, accidents, attacks, unemployment, financial debts)