About Me

Barbara Breen-Wenninger


I am married and mother of two children.



Education & Training
  • Psychotherapeutic Specialisation, Systemic Family Therapy (ÖAGG), status as “psychotherapist in training under supervision” since 2018
  • Psychotherapeutic Propaedeuticum (ÖAGG)
  • Studies at the University of Vienna, Master’s degree (Educational Science, Political Science, English and American Studies)



Work in the field of psychotherapy
  • Private practice since 2019
  • “iwik – Association for Increasing One’s Quality of Life” since 2018
  • Social Psychiatric Day Clinic, Hietzing Hospital with Neurological Centre Rosenhügel (internship)
  • Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapeutic Medicine at the Regional Clinic Neunkirchen (internship)
  • “Haus der Barmherzigkeit”, Tokiostraße, Vienna (internship)



  • Lecturer at the University of Vienna, Centre for Teacher Education and Training
  • Trainer for Higher Education, qualification programme for junior lecturers, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Vienna
  • Conception and execution of in-house trainings and workshops on various topics, for national and international companies
  • Lecturer at the University College of Teacher Education Vienna, Department for Further Education (consulting for and evaluation of school development projects)
  • Developement and execution of training programmes in Higher Education, University of Applied Sciences, Vienna